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Io: Getting Started

Pages that will be useful while learning Io.

Someone should have told me that the way to love the Io command line was simply by typing 'slotSummary', and looking around from there.
    —'thoughtpolice' in #io on freenode (followed up with a blog post on slotSummary)

Io 20071209
Io> slotSummary
==>  Object_0x805bba0:
  Lobby            = Object_0x805bba0
  Protos           = Object_0x805b668
  args             = method(...)
  exit             = method(...)
  forward          = method(...)
  launchPath       = "/home/jonathan"


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2006-07-24 Rodney Ramdas interviews Steve Dekorte and Jonathan Wright (quag) on the past, present and future of Io.

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